Fake Data Documentation

A guide to help you master the best extension for filling forms with fake and random data.

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Easy to use

Fake Data was made to be easy to use, without too much configuration or button clicking.


It has a lot of customisation options that can be tweaked to match any needs and productivity requirements.


Need a more specific set of data to be generated? No problem! Bring your own javascript code and generate anything you want.

Custom Elements

UI is becoming more and more complex. It has become a standard to use custom form elements, like fancy dropdowns, which cannot be handled by autofill tools. Fake Data can be extended to recognise and work with such elements.


Do you have a custom library that you can use to generate data? A script that you want to be loaded automatically? Upload it in Fake Data and start using it!

Constantly improving

Fake Data is constantly improved and updated! Awesome feature requests are implemented in no time. Bug reports even faster!