Hello, world!

The most basic example that we will use to start with is to show you how to insert the text "Hello, world!" in an input field.

After creating a new Custom Generator and giving it a name, copy and paste the following code:

return 'Hello, world!';

Yep! That's it! One line of code, and Fake Data will insert that in any form input that uses this generator. Below is a video example on how to do that:

Let's see another example. This time we will tell Fake Data to insert the current date and time in the form input, if for whatever reason you need that:

let date = new Date();
return date.toGMTString();

The result for the above code should be something like this:

Mon, 06 Jun 2022 14:55:16 GMT

From the two examples above we can conclude a few things:

  • You can use any javascript code that you want.
  • The value that you want to be inserted should be returned from your code.
  • Fake Data is awesome!