Change the generator for an input field through the Manage Field screen

If you want to manage an input field inside a page and want more control and customisation options, you can quickly do it through the Manage Field screen.

In the next example we will see how to change just the generator for a field using this screen:

  • Right-click on the input field from the page.
  • Go to Fake Data context menu.
  • Choose Manage Field (*note that an input field might not be manageable if it's readonly or disabled)
  • On the newly opened page, under Generator section, click on the dropdown and choose the Generator that you want to be used.
  • After you finished, make sure to press the Save button.

After doing this, you will be taken back to the page that you were working where you can try filling the input that you just managed.

Below is a demo recording demonstrating how to do all of the above: