Change the interval in which a date is generated Pro only

By default, the date-time generator is creating dates that are between a 2-year interval, starting with last year and up next year (same day and time).

You can easily customize this interval by following these steps:

  • Open Fake Data's options page
  • Go to Generators -> Default Generators tab
  • Find the datetime generator, and click on the manage icon:
  • On the newly opened popup, under Date & Time interval choose Use Custom
  • Once you enable that setting, you will be able to set the beginning and the end of the interval.
    • You will be able to set both dates and times using a date and time picker.
  • When finished with the selection, press Done. Also make sure to save changes on the generators page.


If you are filling an input of type date, datetime-local, time, month and that input has a min or max attribute set, then those attributes will have a higher priority over the interval you set unless your custom interval are respecting the two attributes mentioned.

For example, the following input <input type="date" min="1990-01-01" max="1995-12-31"> will allow dates starting with January 1st, 1990 up to December 31st, 1995. You can only set a custom interval in Fake Data between those two values, otherwise they will be ignored.

In the following example you can see how to change the generated date to be between June 1st, 2022 1:00 AM and June 15th, 2022, at 3:00 PM.


Doing the steps described above, will change the setting for all fields that are using the generator you updated. You can also change this setting only for a single field, either through the Fields page, or by clicking on the "Manage Field" option from the context menu.