Datasets Pro only

Datasets is a feature in Fake Data extension that allows you to use your own data instead of using the default ones from the Faker libraryopen in new window. For example, you can upload a CSV file with names that you want to use instead of relying on the ones that are generated by Fake Data.

Add a new Dataset

To add a new Dataset, follow the next steps:

  • Open Fake Data's options page.
  • Go to Settings -> Developer Options -> Datasets.
  • Click on "Add a new Dataset".
  • In the newly opened modal, type a name that you want for your dataset, then select a CSV file.
  • Press Save.

If the dataset was added successfully, you should see a table with the data that was imported in Fake Data.

You can also add a new Dataset from Google Sheets.

Use a Dataset in a Generator

After uploading a new Dataset, there are multiple ways to use it. One of them is by assigning it to a Generator. Both Default Generators and Custom Generators support the Dataset feature. In order to tell a Generator to use values from a Dataset column, follow the next steps:

  • Open Fake Data's options page.
  • Go to Generators -> go to either Default Generators or Custom Generators.
  • On the right side of each Generator, click on the dropdown menu and choose Dataset.
  • A second dropdown should appear immediately that will ask you to choose a column from any of your uploaded Datasets.
  • Once a column is selected, press Save.

Now each time you invoke the updated Generator, it will return a random value from the selected column in the selected Dataset.

Below is a quick demo on how to create a new Custom Generator that will use a Dataset:


In Custom Generators, if you want to get a Dataset value programmatically, you can use the fakeData.getDatasetValue('<dataset name>', '<dataset column>') method. Go to method documentation.

Assign a Dataset column to one field only

If you don't want to create a new Generator or override the existing ones, you can also quickly assign one of the Dataset columns to a form input through the Manage Field modal:

  • While filling out an online form, right-click on the input field you want to modify.
  • Go to "Fake Data" submenu and choose "Manage Field".
  • On the newly opened modal, under "Generator" section, choose Dataset.
  • A new option should show up immediately right below the "Generator" section, called "Dataset".
  • In this new dropdown, choose one of the columns from your Datasets that you want to use.
  • Press Save.

Now, when you fill the form again, your changed input field will be filled with a random value from the selected dataset column.

Here is a quick demo video: