Fill input fields automatically when page loads

Fake Data can fill form fields automatically, without having you to do anything. You can enable this option by following these steps:

  • Open Fake Data's options page
  • Go to Settings -> General Settings
  • Under Page load action toggle, enable Fill all fields on page option

Now when you reload any web page, all the input fields should be filled automatically.

Fill dynamic input fields that show up after the page has been loaded

Some dynamic websites have input fields that appear after a while without reloading the page, but when you do a certain action. If that's the case and you find yourself in the situation where not all input fields are filled in, then you can enable the following option:

  • On the same Settings page, after enabling the Page load action
  • Under Monitor DOM changes toggle, enable Monitor DOM changes and fill fields as they appear on the page option

This option will only fill fields that were not added to the DOM at all. Inputs that were in DOM but they were hidden with CSS, will remain unfilled even with the above option selected.


When enabling the autofill option, keep in mind that it will be enabled on all websites. This means that it might fill pages that you didn't want to, which in some scenarios might cause data loss.