Save a Named Field as Unnamed Field

For any form field that has either the name or id attribute, Fake Data saves them as Named Fields, but sometimes just want to identify a field based on a unique custom selector.

For this scenario, you can save a Named Field as Unnamed Fields and identify them by their selector.

Here is how to do that:

  • First, let's make sure that you have the "Fallback to Unnamed Fields" option enabled:

    • Open Fake Data's Options page
    • Go to Settings -> Developer Options -> Field Matching
    • Make sure that "Fallback Named Fields to Unnamed Fields" option is set to "Fallback to Unnamed Fields"
  • Now, in order to identify a named field by it's selector, you can do the following:

    • Inside the page where your input field is located, right-click on the input element that you want to manage, then go to Fake Data submenu and choose "Manage Field" option
    • In the newly opened popup, on the Save Field as toggle, choose Unnamed Field.
    • The "Save Field as" option will only show for fields that have a `name` or `id` attribute.

    • Now you should see that the field identifier has changed to a URL@selector format. This indicates that the input field will be identified by this selector on the page identified by the URL.
    • Optionally, you can customise the selector to anything you want by pressing the Edit button, which looks like this:
    • Once finished, press the green Save button, and you will be taken back to your form page.
    • Now you should be able to fill any similar input fields on the page that matches the selector you used in the steps just described.

Below is a quick demo showing all steps described above: