Undo an input fill or a form fill Pro only

If you filled an input or a form by mistake, or just want to return to the previous value that was filled inside an input field, you can undo the last fills that were triggered through Fake Data.

You can do this through the context menu like so:

  • Right-click on the input field that you want to recover, or any input field that belongs to the form that you want to recover
  • Go to Fake Data submenu
  • Choose Undo fill or Undo fill for entire form

When you undo a field, Fake Data will replace the value with the one that was previously filled before triggering Fake Data. This works for input fields, select dropdowns, checkboxes and radio buttons.


At this point you can only undo fills for standard HTML form elements. In one of the next updates you will be able to undo fills for custom elements including Google Forms.