Cloud Emails: Generate disposable email addresses Ultra only

Many times you have to test web forms that send email messages after they are submitted. In order to prevent your inbox to fill with tens or hundreds of tests, Fake Data offers you a way to capture these emails and keep them away from your main inbox, and at the same time giving you a way to read them and make sure they look good.

In other words, with Fake Data Ultra you can generate unlimited disposable email addresses and receive the messages directly in Fake Data in one place.

In order to start using this feature you will need to first enable it for the email generator:

  • Open Fake Data's options page.
  • Go to Generators -> Default Generators.
  • Next to the email generator, open the dropdown from the right side and choose the Cloud Emails option.
  • Once finished, press the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Now everytime you fill a form and have an email input field, Fake Data will fill it with a disposable address.


Compared to other disposable email providers, Fake Data offers you private email addresses. This means that nobody can read your emails even if they know the address. They are all tied to your Fake Data account.

Receiving and reading email messages in Fake Data

Everytime you receive an email message on any of your previously generated disposable address, you will be able to read them in the SpamBox section of Fake Data.

You can access the SpamBox page in two ways:

Access SpamBox page through Fake Data's popup

You can access the SpamBox page and read your incoming messages directly from the popup by clicking on the SpamBox icon:

The popup SpamBox page will combine both emails and sms messages into one place.

Access SpamBox page through Fake Data's options page

Another way to access the SpamBox is through Fake Data's options page. You can simply click on the SpamBox button from the top menu. This will take you to the SpamBox section where you have more options to manage your messages.

Customizing the prefix and domain of Cloud Emails

When you generate an email address through the Cloud Emails feature, the default format of the address looks like this: <prefix>.<random-string>@<domain> (ex: [email protected]).

You can customise the prefix of the emails to be anything you want, and you can change the domain name to be one of the two provided by Fake Data (, or


Soon you will be able to add your own custom domain. This will be announced in a future update.

In order to customize the prefix or the domain of the emails, follow the next steps:

  • Open Fake Data's options page
  • Go to Settings -> Cloud Settings
  • Under Cloud Email prefix you can change the prefix (the default is fd.), or change the domain name (default is
  • Once finished, press the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Now every email will be generated with the preferences you just set.

Stop receiving emails from a specific address

If you want to stop receiving emails from a specific sender, or to one of your previously generated email addresses, you can add the address to the blacklist. To do this, open the email message that contains the address you want to blacklist, then click on that address to add it to blacklist.

After confirming, you will now see that the address becomes red. This means that you will no longer receive messages containing that address.

You can manage the blocked addresses by clicking on the wheel icon:

Mark all messages as read

If you have many unread messages, and don't want to read them anymore, you can simply press on the Mark all as read button, which looks like this:

You can find this button on both popup page and inside options page.