Change password length for Password generator Pro only

When you generate new passwords with Fake Data, by default they are 15 characters long.

In order to change the default value, please follow these steps:

  • Open Fake Data's options page
  • Go to Generators -> Default Generators tab
  • Find the password generator, and click on the manage icon:
  • On the newly opened popup, under Password length choose Use Custom
  • Once you enable that setting, you will be able to type the number of characters that the newly generated passwords should have
  • When finished with the selection, press Done. Also make sure to save changes on the generators page.


Doing the steps described above, will change the setting for all fields that are using the generator you updated. You can also change this setting only for a single field, either through the Fields page, or by clicking on the "Manage Field" option from the context menu.